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Atomski rat u drevnoj Indiji | Zbunjujuca prošlost

Atomski rat u drevnoj Indiji | Zbunjujuca prošlost autor – Ahmed Bosnić Klinasto pismo o kozmickim brodovima. Čudesno oružje iz praistorije i nevjerovatni opis užasnog rata. Da li su tačna svjedočanstva iznijeta u epu ‘Mahabharata’? Zanimljivi fragmenti „Biblije”, ,,Kurana”, ,,Popol Vuha”. „Kabale”, „Gilgameša” i drugih svetih knjiga i epova, godinama već zbunjuju naučni svijet i […]


Warps – What separates the Warp Phenomenon of Burlington Vortex from the standard Vortex or Paranormal Hotspot by Mary Sutherland – author of Haunted Burlington Wisconsin WARPS – The most logical explanation of the Haunted Woods in Burlington, Wisconsin  – Excerpt shared from book How to Hunt Ghosts Source: How to Hunt Ghosts – A Practical […]

New Mexico: Revisiting the Land of Enchantment

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View from the High Road near Chimayó I’m far from the first person to wax lyrical about New Mexico, and, so long as the chiles ripen and the highways go on endlessly, I’m sure I won’t be the last. People have been discovering the magic of this spectacular corner of…

The Ferguson Masterpost: How To Argue Eloquently & Back Yourself Up With Facts

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We encourage you to share the link to this rather than reblogging the entire post (since this is frequently updated and we want to minimize the spread of outdated info!): bit.ly/FergusonAEM. Also, comment volume is high enough that personal replies are not always possible anymore; browse through the comments & see…