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  • Erhm…! I was born in London, Camden Town, my Father was a Jazz Pianist, who sadly never made a Living from it. He did however make a Living from being a ‘Getaway Driver’ – who got away with it (!), then a Lorry Driver. My Mother was an Office Clerk and was Artistic. My Father’s side of the Family were mainly Gangsters, my Mother’s side, Heroes… I Boxed for St Pancras ABA’s, London. I swam The English Channel when I was 13 in a Relay Team. I started playing The Guitar when I was 12, after hearing Jimi Hendrix on the Radio… By the time I was 24, I had played ‘The Boys are back in Town’ onstage with Thin Lizzy, recorded with The Rolling Stones, and when I was 29, I recorded alongside my Mentor, Jeff Beck. When I was 32, I was playing ‘Alright Now’ onstage with Paul Rodgers (my favourite Rock Singer), on my own 1959, Les Paul Standard… I have Recorded close to 200 Albums all over The World and have wrote the ‘Rack’ section of the biggest selling book on how to play The Guitar ‘The Complete Guitarist’ (I cannot read a note of Music…). I have played with some of the Greatest Musicians in The World and am proud of it! I have my own Band, The Barberians. I am a Spiritualist. I have trained as a Medium. I Practise my beliefs without ramming it down the throats of others. I am now 54, and have made contact on Facebook with ‘Lost Friends’… JB xx
    Album ‘The Light Warriors’

    AT LAST… finally… after 23x Years (honestly…I started recording this before my new Bass Player was born…!)… and sadly, some of my Dear Friends on the Credits have died before they got a chance to hear it… but they inspired me with encouragement and hope…
    £100k later and a lot of blood, sweat, tears and blood…
    my Album ‘The Light Warriors’ is finally done – on CD anyway (Vinyl to follow).
    12x Tracks and 68x minutes of Instrumental indulgence (not much widdling),
    which I plan to take out Live with my Band, The Barberians, later in the Year.
    I am taking delivery next week…
    Thanks for all your support, from Friends Old & New.

In The Light of Ra

Dream of Angels

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